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H Series troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting for electricians

H series ….Electromechanical heater models

Fluctuations in temperature are normal in some cases, especially when the temperature outside drops in a short period of time and causes the incoming water temperature to lower. This fluctuation is caused by a wider range of temperature rise (refers to the ground temperature of water) that the heater has to accomplish to accommodate your hot water applications and does not indicate a problem with the heater. The fluctuation will correct itself as the temperature warms if this is the case. Clicking on and off infrequently once or twice a day is normal. There may be one or two ounces of water in the heat exchanger, which the heater senses. Once the heater determines the flow of water, the system shuts off.

Send all technical issues and inquiries to: info@hotwaterheater.com

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL OR SERVICE THE HEATER YOURSELF. There is danger of electrocution or death if you ARE NOT a licensed plumber or licensed electrician and do not fully understand how to work with our heaters. It is our desire to handle any problems with any of our products quickly and efficiently. We give you the opportunity to choose YOUR licensed plumber or licensed electrician for installation or for service.

PLEASE do the five steps below to expedite a repair.
1.) Print out the Diagnostic Procedures. This is a color, illustrated, three page guide to troubleshooting the heaters.
2.) Print out the Elements and Thermostats. This is a chart to further help with the diagnosis.
3.) Call YOUR licensed electrician or licensed plumber of choice and make sure that he has this guide. (There are nuances in the diagnostic process of our heaters that he needs to know to save you time and money in diagnosing the problem.)
4.) Fill out the form below: This will allow us to prepare for any calls from the licensed electrician or licensed plumber, substantiate your warranty, and make sure that we have parts ready if needed.
5.) Have your licensed electrician or licensed plumber call us for replacement parts. (Please note that even if your parts are warranted, labor is not included and you will be required to pay for shipping.)

Tankless, Inc. is a manufacturer of electric heaters and services its electric heaters in a 5 county area of Florida. Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Charlotte are in our service area.

We do not install our own units but recommend knowledgeable people to do the plumbing and electrical work for the original installation.

Due to the technical nature of our products, ONLY licensed electricians or licensed plumbers are authorized to install, diagnose and repair our heaters. The warranty is not valid if your unit was not installed or serviced by a licensed plumber or licensed electrician. We do have technical advice available to those licensed professionals for installation and repair. (Installation instructions come with the heater) Our simple diagnostic process can be easily understood and implemented by a licensed professional to determine the nature of the problem.

Diagnostic Procedures Click here to print our 3-page, color illustrated, 9 steps in troubleshooting our residential heaters. Elements and Thermostats Click here to print our guide to positions of our elements, thermostats and contactors.

By following these steps, a professional can determine whether you need replacement parts. Please have your licensed electrician or licensed plumber refer to our diagnostic procedures and then call us at 1 800 826-5537 for parts, or email us at info@hotwaterheater.com.

If you are still having trouble please fill out the Troubleshooting form.  Filling out and sending us the form at the right will enable us to determine the status of your warranty and also allow us to prepare for the call from your electrician. You can fax them at 941-755-6529 or email them to info@hotwaterheater.com This will expedite the process of getting your heater back into optimum operation.

For Commercial units, or Pool and Spa heaters, please call us at 1 800 826-5537 or email us at info@hotwaterheater.com.

Tankless, Inc. 2060 Whitfield Park Ave., Sarasota, FL 34243 Phone: 1-800-TANKLESS 1-800-826-5537

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