Our residential line starts at $99 with an under the sink 5.5 KW heater and extends to $995 for our largest whole house 36 KW unit.

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Testimonials - Drop us a line after you've purchased one of our heaters!

Larry in Texas - “After 30 years of being a maintenance technician I have researched many different types of tankless hot water heaters available on the market today. This brand is the best one I found thus far in quality construction and performance.”

Skip from Toledo - " Hello, We got the heater installed. It works as fantastic. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. "

Nancy Scott, Anna Maria Island - “We’ve saved so much money with our tankless water heater. We had no problems at all. It is quiet, efficient, and we never run out of hot water, even with house guests. I love the tankless system.”

Bruce & Maggie Fruitland, Idaho - “They have been installed for almost three years now and could not be happier. We haven’t added up the saving sin our water bill but they sure have paid for themselves many times over.”

Richard & Priscilla Duggan - “Our first electric bill was moderate and it appears the heater is as efficient as it was advertised. At least for now we couldn’t be more pleased with your service.”

John Neiner Memphis , Tn - "You can not imagine the feeling when I looked through the snow and saw steam rising from the surface of the water. Excellent product."

Bob Moser, Newport - "I have had my tankless heater for two months now and just received my first electric bill. I picked up a bunch of storage space by getting rid of my two hot water tanks and the electric savings was $25 for the first month."

Cathy Edmonson - "Six months after we purchased our tankless water heater the local electric company sent a technician to check our meter. They believed it was broken because our electric bill had dropped by about 50%. Needless to say, we are still thrilled with our purchase, 10 years later!" Kennewick, Washington

Santiago Martinez, Pecos, New Mexico - "I was very happy with the performance of the first unit, (H-28-4); even recommended it to others, including Jane Fonda’s ranch manager. This new one (T-28-4) is very quiet compared to the first one. Hope I have many more good years with this one and maybe forever. "






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