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We manufacture electric water heaters of all types and uses
and have been doing so in our Florida location since 1982.
Our line of pool heaters summarized on this page has been
continually improved and are all exceptional values.

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Our Pool and Spa Heaters Maximum reccommended
Pool Size
BTUs per Hour Phase Of
SP-12-2 Pool Heater 12,000 Gallons 40K Single    
SP-18-4 Pool Heater 18,000 Gallons 61K Single    
SP-24-4 Pool Heater 25,000 Gallons 82K Single    
SP-28-4 Pool Heater 25,000 Gallons 92K Single or Three    
SP-36-6 Pool Heater 30,000 Gallons 123K Single or Three    
SP-48-6 Pool Heater 50,000 Gallons 164K Single or Three    

Pool heaters are available in common three phase voltages from 54 KW thru 144 KW with a one-two week lead time.
Our pool heaters have a number of advantages over the competition.

  • All of our pool and spa heaters, exchangers, and plumbing fittings are made of 304 stainless - which adds to their longevity.
  • Compatible with remote pool heater controllers

  • 316 stainless and titanium sheath elements are available as options. That alloy does add to the lead time and price but may be desirable in some environments such as extremely high chlorine content or salt water pools. The titanium sheath elements are also recommended for salt water pools.

  • Compact design that can be color matched to your pool pump if desired

  • An excellent warranty of 5 years on the heat exchanger and 2 years on all electrical parts

  • We offer a 10 year optional extended warranty on all parts for our units. Please see the cost of this option on each of the individual product pages.

  • Most common models are in stock.

  • All our pool heaters are made and tested at full power in our Southwest Florida factory

  • For larger pools we can meet any demand and will manufacture a custom heater for you. Please contact us for a consultation.

To help you decide which model is best for your needs, click on the link below

Pool Heater Selection Guide


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