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Solar Heaters - There is no shipping on solar. We install it locally from Tampa to Fort Myers. Contact us if you need help determining which model is best suited for your specific needs. Solar is a great Green way to go, especially here in Florida.

Our solar line is shown on the picture.  The basic system is a solar collector and a tank and a pump.
The water is heated and sent to the tank where it stays very hot until used.

Our solar line for heating hot water has two basic types.
Direct PV system--Solar unit to power the pump and the heating of the water.  This system is most popular as it shuts off when the sun goes down so the pump does not pump water thru the collectors after sunset. You also do not use any electricity to run the pump.

Direct AC system --Solar unit to power just the heating of the water.  This unit would be installed when the customer already owns a pump.

Each system can be ordered in different size solar panels and tanks that increase the units capacity.
The systems come with a 4500 watt backup heating system that runs on electric that can heat up to 31 gallon per hour. 

This system only works during cloudy periods. Your basic decision is  “How many gallons of hot water do you use each day?”

The 80 gallon tank and 40 foot collector system is most popular in 2 bedroom and 2 people or less homes.
The 120 gallon and 64 square foot collector system is most popular with 3 bedroom and 3+ person homes.
The water in the tank stays hot for as long as 72 hours.  During the sunny period the water in the tank reaches 180 degrees and the backup system never runs. You should expect to save 30-40% on your electric bill with one of these systems as heating your hot water is THE BIGGEST PIECE OF YOUR BILL.

There is also a 30% Federal Energy Tax credit available with the system.
The following price list includes installation and all the adders that can occur. The systems are warranted to withstand 150 MPH winds.
An on-site assessment will be required to verify the final price.

Part No  Type Tank Size     Collector Size 
PV8040    DirectPV  80 gallon   40 square feet
PV8064 Direct PV 80 gallon 64 square feet
DC8040 Direct AC 80 gallon 40 square feet
PV12080  Direct PV 120 gallon 80 square feet
PV12064   Direct PV 120 gallon 64 square feet  
DC12080  Direct AC 120 gallon  80 square feet
DC12064  Direct AC 120 gallon  64 square feet

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