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Which one is better for me? There are two distinct types of Tankless heaters to choose from. Both work great and are backed by the best warranty in the market.

ELECTRONIC - the E line of heaters: We recently introduced the electronic line which is a big milestone in our company.  We did extensive testing before the release and have a number of test heaters that have been installed since March 2009. 

We selected customers who wanted to try a brand-new product and they agreed to test the new heater. All the testers are happy,  including Tankless, Inc’s owner.   We believe it to be the best electronic heater in the marketplace.

Advantages of The New E - Heaters:

  • It uses the best heat exchange system in the industry, has the best warranty, and is extremely safe.
  • The dynamic load balancing feature ensures even element wear and a longer-lasting product.
  • This heater has dual shutoffs in case of failure and is extremely safe.
  • With no noise when turning on and off you do not even know it is there.
  • The adjustable temperature setting in one degree increments allows user control.
  • Because it is driven by a computer that adjusts the heater output 120 times a second there is little or no temperature oscillation.

Advantages of Our Newest Line T - Heaters:

  • It uses the finest heat exchange system in the industry, has the best warranty, and is extremely safe.
  • For those of you that are familiar with our line, the T model units replaced the now discontinued H series heaters. They are quiet and have a longer life time until failure than the H series units
  • This line is our industrial line adapted for residential use and continual improvements in its 25-year life make it reliable and rugged.
  • The T model can provide INSTANT hot water without using a recirculation system with a return line. Please also see our Grun15 under the menu area “Add On Products” for a more detailed explanation.
  • It is not computer controlled.
  • Approved by ETL for both commercial and residential use.
We have the best Made In USA products - The best customer service.
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