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Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater Model E - 36 - 6 240 Volt Model
This is our largest single phase heater and has the electronic control system. This workhorse does the job in all homes in the southern states and 3-4 bathroom homes in the northern states. It heats 6.2 gallons per minute with a 40 degree temperature rise which is enough heating capacity for two showers anywhere in the US.
Dimensions: 12” W x 24” H x 6.50” D
Weight: 40 Lbs. Shipped
Material: Copper Exchanger
Box: White Aluminum Casing
Pipe Size: 1/2” Brass Male IPS
Voltage: 208/240 Single Phase
Max AMPs: (Three 50 AMP Double Throw 220 volt breakers)
BTU Output: 122,832
Efficiency: 98.9%
hot water heater Plumbing Supply and commercial water products 
Output temperature: 130 degrees adjustable downward in 1 degree increments
Load Calculations: Heat required is adjusted 120 times per second to limit temperature variance
Special Features: Dynamic load balancing. Each time the system turns on the sequence of the elements that turn on changes; #1 becomes #2 and #2 becomes #3 etc. This insures a longer element life
Operating Range: 0-150 PSI

Protection: Quad Thermals

Add -Ons: Please consider a "Limescale Remover" to protect your heater and home from lime scale buildup and the associated repair costs. Our Aqua Mag (limescale remover) product can be found here.
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