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Residential Retrofit Applications Re-Circulating systems - You would use this option when no dedicated Tankless offers various recirculation systems that effectively all do the same thing, speed up the time that it takes to get hot water to your point of use. Residential Retrofit Applications - You would use this option when no dedicated return line is available.return line is available.   This is the normal occurrence in most homes.

The consumer merely installs a re-circulating pump at the heater and a special valve at the furthest point from the heater. The valve is attached to the cold and hot lines and allows hot water to flow thru the hot water line past the valve and into the cold line and therefore provides close to instant hot water when you ask for hot water by turning on the hot water faucet. It increases the temperature of the water in the line to 85-100 degrees and dramatically reduces the wait time for the 120 degree hot water coming from your heat system. Standard wait times for 120 degree water are reduced from 1-2 minutes to 5-10 seconds.

The re-circulating pump comes with a timer so you can turn it on in the morning when you get up to shower and not have to wait 1-2 minutes while the cold water clears out of the pipes.

This product does not work with any electronic heater that uses a flow control meter. It only works with our H line of heaters because they do not require a minimum flow level before they heat water.

http://tanklessheaters.com/temp/images12/options0013.gifThis feature saves approximately 2-6 gallons per shower which over time amounts to a lot of money saved as well as the positive environmental impact. In many places you not only save water fees but also the sewer fees associated with the wasted water.  It costs less to run this pump than a 25 watt light bulb.

The pump and valve pictured here come as a $325 option to all Tankless, Inc. water heating systems depending on the size pump that you need. It is called the Grun15 which is a 115 volt model. It comes with the pump, timer, and a valve. Optional extra valves are $60 each. You may need two valves if you have two house wings that are in opposite directions from the heater.

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