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AquaMag Plus - Whole House Electric Water Conditioner & Limescale Remover

Why do I need the AquaMag Plus™ Whole House Limescale Remover?
t's a must have if you own appliances such as Tankless water heaters, dishwasher, wash machines and more.Limescale does permanent damage to all water appliances and shortens the life of water appliances by 30%. Average annual repair cost do to limescale is $250.

Does your shower head block up easily? Are your clean sinks, taps, glasses, coffee makers, bathroom fixtures, bath, floor & swimming pool tiles and surfaces soon spoiled by unpleasant water marks? Does your hot water run slowly from the tap? Do your shower doors and tiles always need cleaning? These are just some of the common symptoms of limescale in your water, as suffered by over 80% of the U.S. population. By installing the AquaMag Plus™ whole house electric Limescale Remover you can soon benefit from a major reduction of the scale problem in your water system. The AquaMag Plus™ whole house electric Limescale Remover is a small electronic device that plugs into the wall and is fitted to your incoming water pipe in minutes and with no plumbing necessary.

Using digitally generated electric waves, AquaMag Plus™ whole house electric Limescale Remover can vastly reduce your water scale problems at a cost of only a few pennies per month while guaranteed to save you 25% on your detergents & cleaning supplies and prolong the life of your water appliances by 30%: saving on average of $250 per year in repair cost.

Salt Free Water & Sodium Free Water - No Salts, No Chemicals, No Maintenance - Install the AquaMag Plus™ within minutes! 365 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Saves you 25% on your detergents - Dissolves calcium lime scale around faucets, showers,toilets & tiles forever
Prevents water spots from forming on dishes, shower doors, cars and more
Reduces scum and improves soap lathering - Improves dishwasher, wash machine, water heater & equipment efficiency
Makes water feel softer, kinder to the skin and hair - Prevents dry skin due to hard water
Extends the life of your water heater and other water appliances by 30%
Dissolves calcium, lime scale build up in water pipes - Improves water flow in severely scaled systems
No Filters to buy - Take it with you if you move
True Lifetime Replacement Warranty
No salt or chemicals needed - No maintenance, easy 5 minute install, no plumber needed
Negligible power consumption (80 cents per month) - Effective on copper, steel or PVC pipes
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